LNMIIT Placements

[Based on info from official website ]
The LNM Institute of Information Technology, a Deemed University, is a public-private partnership University jointly set-up by the Government of Rajasthan and the LAKSHMI & USHA MITTAL FOUNDATION as an autonomous non-profit organization.


NIT-Warangal Placements

[Based on info from newspapers and official website ]

NIT-Warangal (National Institute of Technology - Warangal ) is one of the premier NITs of India.
For the year 2008-2009 :

Number of students sitting for placements were 450 UG and 350 PG.The institute reported nearly 100 per cent placements.

The highest salary in non-IT stream was at Rs 12.5 lakh a year.

Previous recruiters include

ADPAgilent Tech.AMDOCS
Analog DevicesAshok LeylandAtos Origin
DRDOELGIEmbedded Infotech
Free ScaleGAMMONGE - Consumer
GE - EnergyGE - ResearchGMR
Goldman SachsGoogleGreaves Cotton
GVK - BioHCL - TechHero Honda
HLS - AsiaHP GlobalHSBC
L & T - PowaiL & T - ValdelManhattan
MARUTIMcAfeeMentor Graphics
MICROSOFTMind TreeMorgan Stanley
Oil TankingOn MobileOptiwave
Red Pine SignalsRel. Ind. Ltd.SAMSUNG
Shell Tech. IndiaSobha DevelopersSoft Sol
TEJAS NetworksThermaxT.I.M.E.
TRIAD SoftwareTVS MotorsVerisign

Quite a good list there!
Many big companies like Analog Devices , CISCO , DE Shaw, Shell, Verizon, Deloitte , GE , Google , Adobe , Cypress, Morgan Stanley, Verisign , NVidia and Yahoo.(which usually pay 6 lpa +).Although these companies would be taking just 2-5 students.Nevertheless , placements are quite good at NIT-Warangal.


Thapar University (formerly TIET)

[Based on info from Mandatory Disclosure on the official website ]

Thapar University or previously TIET (Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology - Patiala) takes students through AIEEE , with cut-offs within 20K ranks.
The mandatory disclosure on official website , gives the following (latest) information :

For 2007-2008 (till July 31st July 2008)
Salary : 2.20 lakhs
Maximum Salary : 12.75 lakhs
Average Salary : 3.97 lakhs

CS had a placement % of 81% . Electronics related streams had 93%(Communications) and 89%(Instrumentation).Chemical and Civil had 91% placements whereas Mechanical had 88%.Electrical had only 77% and Biotech 81%.

For 2008-2009 (till August 31st July 2008) 104 companies had visited the campus for placements down from 132 the previous year.
Within the list of 104 companies , most of them were small/medium Indian companies.Some notable Core MNC companies were : ST Microelectronics , Oracle , Freescale , DE Shaw.These would have offerred 6 lpa +.Also the same with the IOCL .
IT companies like Infosys , Wipro , TCS , Accenture (and possible IBM and Amdocs) were also present , they must have offered 3-4.5 lpa. Siemens and Erricson could have offered 4 lpa +.
Note that the average salaries(132 companies) are for 2007-2008 whereas the prominent names of 104 companies(above) are for 2008-2009.

Though Thapar has higher AIEEE cutoffs , its placement scenario doesn't match up to other comparable AIEEE colleges like the ones mentioned on this blog.


IIIT-Hyderabad Placements

UPDATED: [Based on Mandatory Disclosure and placements section on the official website]

Recently IIIT-Hyderabad has released information about last year's placements.It is not a part of the mandatory disclosure(as per AICTE norms). Hence the break-up of companies is not available.

Undergraduate Placement

S.No Program Participated Students Placed Awaiting Placement % of Placement Average Salary (INR)(Lac)
1 B Tech (CSE) 941 94 0 100 8.542
2 BTech (ECE) 27 27 0 100 5.50

  1. This includes six off-campus offers.

  2. This includes a $110,000-a-year offer from Google, USA and two same-value offers from Facebook, USA. If the three overseas offers are excluded, the domestic average compensation will be Rs.7.3 lac.

As mentioned in the original post, it was highly unlikely that there were any foreign placements for the last placement year.However this year IIIT-Hyderabad has clearly mentioned those offers. They include a $110,000 from Google and "two-same value offers" from Facebook,USA (which may imply those two offers are $110,000 as well).

Both Google and Facebook are highly selective recruiters. But Google has been visiting IIIT-Hyderabad for many years now. Most likely they have been recruiting for their India-based offices at around Rs. 10 lpa.
Definitely things are looking up for IIIT-Hyderabad! However by no means is this exclusive. Many other AIEEE colleges do have International placements such as NSIT, NIT-Surathkal etc.
Nevertheless this is one of the best placements in India for CS stream.Apart from placements IIIT-H is well known for its advanced pedagogy in the CS field.

Postgraduate Placement

S.No Program Participated Students Placed Awaiting Placement % of Placement Average Salary (INR)(Lac)
1 M Tech (CSE) 293 29 0 100 5.60
2 M Tech (CSIS) 94 9 0 100 4.85
3 M Tech (CL) 3 3 0 100 4.40
4 M Tech (VLSI) 20 195 1 95 4.22
5 M Tech (CASE) 9 4 5 445 4.50
6 M Tech (BI) 12 6 9 25 4.40

  1. One student each from M Tech (CSE) and M Tech (CSIS) has an off-campus job.

  2. This includes three students who only have internship placement. This year, in view of a continuing slump in the semiconductor job market, VLSI students, like in the past year, have offered to consider students with internships placement as “students placed”.

  3. M Tech (CASE) and M Tech (Bioinformatics) programs saw unimpressive placement in view of the depressed infrastructure and bioinformatics job markets.

  4. This includes two students who have internship cum job offers.

Clearly a marked difference.While UG students have done very well, MTech students haven't.

Original Post
IIIT - Hyderabad(International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad ) is one of the premier engineering colleges in India.It is the top choice for the toppers of AIEEE.Here is an analysis of their placements.


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Placement Analysis done here!!!

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Currently we have the placement analysis of :

1) MNIT-Jaipur
2) NIT-Calicut
3) IIIT-Allahabad
4) BIT-Mesra
(click on the names or scroll down for their analysis)

We'll add more , but you can tell us which ones!!Simply comment on any of the posts and we'll try to analyze your request!
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MNIT-Jaipur Placements

[Based on information from the official website]

MNIT-Jaipur(Malviya National Institute of Technology-Jaipur) is one of the premier NITs of India.Here is an analysis of their placements.

According to the official website ,in the academic year 2008-2009:
  • 77 organizations visited/ conducted interviews for recruitment of final year student and selected 337 student out of total 340 eligible students.
  • Maximum Salary was Rs11.7 lpa(De Shaw), Average Package was Rs.4.54 lpa.and minimum was 3 Rs.3 lpa (Capgemini).
  • 28 Software companies visited the campus for the recruitment this year
  • 61 Core engineering companies visited the campus for the recruitment this year
  • 99.11% of eligible (340) UG candidates placed
  • More than 50% of the students placed in first 7 days from the commencement of placement.
  • INFOSYS was the biggest recruiter (58 students)
  • Record highest salary offered is Rs. 11.7 lpa by DE SHAW to 2 students of Computer engineering .
There were some big names like DeShaw,Samsung , Deloitte,NetAPP,NTPC,IOCL,Tata Motors which are likely to give Rs.6 lpa+ .Yahoo selected 3 (most likely above Rs. 7 lpa) whereas Google and Verizon took none.
Note that a lot big names like ST Microelectronics , Oracle,Microsoft etc. are missing.
Also , a maximum salary of Rs.11.7 lpa means that most likely there were no foreign placements(which are usually over $50,000 pa)

Dream job(most likely) would be an offer greater than Rs.4 lpa , preferable in a core company.

As it can be seen from the table , the overall averages are good , especially for EE , in which case it is above Rs. 5 lpa , which is great.Note that since the highest was Rs.11.7 lpa , there would be no "spiking" of the average caused by a single very large salary(eg. a foreign placement).

Also note that even Mech/Chemical/Civil have 4 lpa+ averages , which is very good.In fact Chemical average exceeds CS!!A reason for this could be due the PSUs like IOCl,ONGC,NTPC etc. which give 7-8 lpa and often recruit over 10 students.In fact , during this placement season , BPCL took 5 , NTPC took 18+4 , IOCL took 7.Their pays(calculated as pay-in-hand + benefits are quite good).

On the whole , MNIT-Jaipur had quite good placememnts , though not as good as NIT-Calicut(click here to see)